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SOTERIA Final Workshop 2019

By Herman Bertrand
Tuesday, June 25 2019 13:15
to Thursday, June 27 2019 16:15



SOTERIA Final Workshop

25-27 June 2019

Miraflores de la Sierra (Spain) 






The European Horizon 2020 project SOTERIA (Safe lOng-TERm operation of light water reactors based on Improved understanding of radiation effects in nuclear structural mAterials) will hold its final workshop where the results obtained during the research work of the past 4 years will be presented.



The objective of the workshop is to disseminate the project final results among the nuclear research and industrial communities, and particularly end-users, as well as identifying future research needs. The workshop will serve as a forum for regulators, user groups, experts and industry, to exchange information and experiences on the issue of radiation effects on nuclear power plant components.



Presentations will be organised around the following technical issues:

  • Reactor pressure vessels (RPV) microstructure
  • Uncertainties in determination of RPV fracture toughness
  • Internals microstructure
  • Environmental effects on IASCC susceptibility of internals
  • Multiscale modelling tools

To cover these topics, the programme of the workshop will offer talks from academic and industrial speakers, as well as a poster session. Oral presentations and posters will be upon invitation by the organisers.

Poster Session

Poster size should be 119 x 84 cm (A0).

Authors are required to send an abstract (up to 300 words) to Marta Colomer (mcolomer@tecnatom.es) by 31 May 2019. They will be responsible for bringing their poster to the workshop and mounting it – boards and pushpins will be provided on site.


The full event agenda covering all three days and including times and confirmed speakers is available for download in the FILES section below. The current version reflects the status of 24 May 2019.


End-User Group Meeting

Following the final workshop, the last end-user group meeting will be held on 28 June 2019 at Tecnatom, Madrid.  The aim of the meeting is to present the latest developments of the SOTERIA platform and exchange with end-users about their needs and industrial application cases. A tour of Tecnatom facilities will be also organized.

In case you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact Julien Vidal (julien.vidal@edf.fr).


M4F PhD / postdocs event

The M4F PhD and post doc event is organised in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Project M4F (Multiscale modeling for fusion and fission materials). It will take place from Sunday 23 to Tuesday 25 June and will share venue with the SOTERIA final workshop, thus those who are interested can attend both events.

More information here



Although the workshop is public, for practical reasons the number of participants is limited and registration is mandatory. Attendees will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

To register to the workshop, please click on the REGISTER TO THIS EVENT button in the REGISTRATION section below.

Deadline for registration to the SOTERIA Final Workshop: Friday, 31 May 2019.


Participation in the workshop and coffee breaks are free of charge. A welcome cocktail will be offered by the organisers upon arrival on Tuesday.

Expenses for transport and accommodation need to be covered by the attendees.

Venue & Accommodation


The workshop will be held at La Cristalera in Miraflores de la Sierra, a mountain town 50 km north of Madrid, 54 km from the airport.

                                                           La Cristalera
                                                                 M-611, km. 10
                                           28792 Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid)


La Cristalera offers full board accommodation (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) in double rooms. Limited number of rooms are available, please contact Ana Martínez (a.martinez@fuam.uam.es) from La Cristalera for reservations, indicating your attendance at the SOTERIA workshop.

Free transportation by bus from/to the airport will be provided on Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the organisers at soteria@tecnatom.es.

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Acknowledgement: This project has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under Grant Agreement N° 661913.

"La Cristalera", Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid, Spain
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