How to participate in a group?

News and events can only be created by a group owner or administrator. All members can create questions, post files and bookmarks and (if activated) tweets which are accessible to the group or to specific members defined by the content creator.

Once you have become a member of a group you can:

  • Read and comment on news of this group.
  • Confirm attendance to any group events
  • View all pages of the group and add a new page. Pages contain rich text and can be commented by other members. The changes made are registered in different versions.
  • View all group questions and add a new question.
  • View all files and add a new file. Files can be downloaded and commented on by other members.
  • View all bookmarks and add a new bookmark. Bookmarks are hyperlinks with a title, description and tags. Bookmarks can be commented on by other members.
  • View all related groups and sub-groups
  • View all group activities
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