What can the CMT do for me?

Whether you are a project partner, a stakeholder or simply interested in following the research topic, the CMT is designed to help you engage with the project. You can follow project developments, be aware of upcoming events, and engage in discussions on larger issues related to the project. In this way, the CMT creates a greater community around a project topic and supports the uptake of research results.

The CMT facilitates:

  • Invitations and registration to project events
  • Keeping up with related news / press releases
  • Initiating discussions on specific issues
  • Sharing documents
  • Sharing knowledge through dedicated informational pages, tutorials or thematic questions

The CMT complements existing tools set up for the project and also publically available tools. It is designed to be interactive for a larger public, while being customisable and controlled by projects. The CMT is:

  • Not SharePoint: the focus of the CMT is on discussing ideas, meetings and interacting with other people sharing a common interest
  • Not a public website: The CMT is a dynamic platform with content provided by the community, not a static showcase with one provider
  • Not a Facebook page: the focus of the CMT is on ideas, groups, events and news, not on individuals
  • Not Twitter: On the CMT we have more than 140 characters to fully express opinions and arguments
  • Not LinkedIn: The CMT has much more functionalities, e.g. as event registration.

But the CMT is linked to social media:

  • You can register to the CMT through your LinkedIn account
  • You can display a custom search on Twitter
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