FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1- What is CMT?

The CMT (Community Management Tool) is an online site used to manage communities (also called  groups), community users (also called members) and community content. The CMT manages different kind of content: wiki pages, bookmarks, files, forums (also called group discussion), group news, group events... A content object is the property of either a user or a group. It can be published on the corresponding user or group profile page and it can also be highlighted by widgets. All published content has a visibility level (private, group, logged in users or public) set by its author. Public content or public profiles may be referenced by internet search engines.

If you want to know more about CMT, please consult the guidelines.

2- What is a widget ?

A widget is a graphical box element used to preview some data content. CMT displays widgets on 3 page types: user profile pages, group profile pages and the CMT home page. The widgets are customizable by the owner of the page, respectively the connected user for his user profile page, the group owner for his group user profile page and the CMT admin for the CMT home page. Widget are customizable in 2 ways: their content (with filters for instance) and their visibility (private, logged in users or public).

3- What is a tag ?

CMT tags are very important, they are used to classify information content. Associated with some useful widgets "following tags" or "Content by tag", they will a lot more powerful than a usual "search widget".

4- Looking for a specific content?

If you know the content type (wiki page, shared file, group news, group event...), look for your information among the content of the same type through the CMT Menu.

If you know the content owner (a user or a group), look for your information through the corresponding owner profile page.

If you know some key words in your content, try a search by content text (through a search box). The search can be restrictive to a specific content type or to a group owner (through the "Search in this group" box).

If you know a content tag, look for your information through your profile with the widget "content by tag".

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