How to invite someone and accept an invitation

Hello and welcome to the CMT,

You will find hereafter everything you should know to invite someone and manage the invitation process at group level.

1 – Invite someone:

  • You need to be the group owner or group admin to invite someone in a group.
  • In the group, top right corner, click Invite users.

  • You have several ways to invite someone to join your group
    • Select in your Contacts those you would like to invite > click Invite.


    • Find CMT users by entering their name or username in the search bar > click Invite.
  •  6.png
    • Enter and select e-mail address using the search bar (even if they are not member of the CMT yet) > click Invite.
      • Warning: Do not forget to validate the email address by selecting it.
  •  7.png
    • Choose a CSV file to upload (The format must be: “displayname;e-mail address” with no header line) > click Invite.



2 – Accept an invitation. Three ways:

  • At the top right corner, click on the flag (which represent notifications) select the corresponding notification by clicking Group Invitation > click Accept or Delete.

  • Using the Group Invitations widget in the dashboard (you will need to add it first) > click Accept or Delete.


  • Top left corner, click on Groups, then in the left side menu, click on Group invitation > click Accept or Delete.


Hopefully this was useful to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the CMT – public group by using the widget Questions.


Jack the CoMeT

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