How to manage my notifications & weekly digest?

By default you have a notification in the upper right corner if something new is posted in the group you are part of and a weekly digest of activities in the group.

However, you can manage the notifications and the digest and adapt them to your personal needs (e.g. if there a group or a discussion particularly important, you can set to receive an e-mail immediately, or on the contrary you prefer not to receive e-mail notifications and rely only on the upper right corner notifiers).

To do so, go to Account -> Settings. In the left column, you can choose to change the settings of your notifications in general, of the group notifications or of the digest.


    • Thibault Duvillier

      This how to is misleading. We will complete it with screenshots. The Settings menu is indeed in the top right and corner menu (under account) but the notifications menu appears then on the left menu.

      • Martin Regelsberger

        On my page Account is not in the left column as mentioned above but in the right top corner of the page.

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