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  • DAREnet Community

    DAREnet Community

      The DAREnet mission DAREnet is to support flood management practitioners across the EU Danube River region and from different disciplines to deepen and broaden their Research, Development and Innovation related collaboration. DAREnet will build a multi-disciplinary community of practitioners,...
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  • Challenges and Needs

    Challenges and Needs

    Here we invite you to share Needs and Challenges responders and flood managers encounter from your point of view. Members of the community should address questions like What do we need? What is always problematic, or worse never works out? What was really difficult during your last mission?...
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  • Innovations and Best-Practices

    Innovations and Best-Practices

    This group represents one of DAREnet's core values, the DAREnet Knowledge Base. Here you are invited to share your knowledge on innovations and "best-practices" regarding flooding events. Innovations might be any (not just technical) solution, that improves the efficiency or resilience towards f...
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    • Andreas Schweinberger

      DAREnet Project Video

      The official video of the DAREnet project.
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      • CJ Illing

        Assessment of innovation opportunities for the first DAREnet RDI roadmap

        Within previous works in dedicated RDI Topic Working Groups your input via the conducted survey provided the solid foundation for this roadmap.   Based on your needs, experience and recommendations, we prepared this preparatory document for the first DAREnet Research, Development and Innov...
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