Assessment of innovation opportunities for the first DAREnet RDI roadmap

Within previous works in dedicated RDI Topic Working Groups your input via the conducted survey provided the solid foundation for this roadmap.


Based on your needs, experience and recommendations, we prepared this preparatory document for the first DAREnet Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap for the region.

Several innovation opportunities could been identified this way and will be available for discussion on the following pages.


In detail we are covering the 6 RDI topic groups during this first cycle.


Your comments will help us to build a roadmap that truly reflects practitioner needs and interest.

Therefore, four questions are asked regarding innovation opportunity. These questions are positioned under each innovation opportunity for your convenience. We kindly ask you to copy and paste these questions in the comment field and then answer them. This will improve the roadmap significantly.

Of course we understand that commenting all opportunities will be time consuming, and some might be of more relevance to your work as others, therefore, please comment on as many as you like.


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