Challenges and Needs

Challenges and Needs

Here we invite you to share Needs and Challenges responders and flood managers encounter from your point of view.

Members of the community should address questions like

  • What do we need?
  • What is always problematic, or worse never works out?
  • What was really difficult during your last mission?

based on their experience and knowledge. Information shared this way may invite others to share their point of view and provide possible solutions. Certainly these information will be used to communicate needs to policy stakeholders.

Further this may provide the base for future practitioner-driven initiatives.


HINT: When you share challenges and needs phrase it like a question and be as concrete as possible. This way it is easier for others to share opinions and name possible solutions.

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Challenges and Needs

Challenges and Needs

What is needed? What should be addressed? Tell us your needs and wishes.


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