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    • Martin Dietz

      Martin Dietz

      Area(s) of expertise: Collaborative Research, Project Management, Strategy, Consultancy, Public funding, EU proposal development, European Commission
      • Susan Barreault

        Susan Barreault

        Area of interest: Project Management, Dissemination, Exploitation
        • Jérôme PERRIN

          Jérôme PERRIN

          Area(s) of expertise: Technology, Industry, Research, Project Management, Project launch, Defence
          • WP3-Leader


            Area(s) of expertise: Security Research, Innovation Procurement, demand-driven strategic coordination, Project Management, Program Management, KIRAS, Horizon 2020
            • Michael Löscher

              Michael Löscher

              Senior Consultant @ ARTTIC
              Area(s) of expertise: Security Research, Risk Management, Project Management, Proposal Development
              • Andreas Herndler

                Andreas Herndler

                On the one hand Deputy Fire Chief and Teamleader for international interventions as well as Head of Operational Headquarter of the Fire Services Association of Lower Austria, and on the other hand Head of Austrian Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell of Civil Aviation Authority of Austria.
                • Rade Rajkovchevski

                  Rade Rajkovchevski

                  Area of interest: Project Management, Research, Survey