Organisation: BMI - Bundesminsterium für Inneres / Federal Ministry of the Interior
Position: Security Research Coordinator

The Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium für Inneres, BMI) is responsible for safeguarding the internal security of Austria. It covers a broad range of tasks relevant for internal security, reaching far beyond the core security tasks of police matters. Since its reorganization in 2003 the Ministry is organized into four general directorates:

General Directorate I is responsible for human and financial resources, controlling, internal administration, international affairs and security policy. Furthermore it coordinates the MoI’s EU activities, public relations and procurement as well as the security academy responsible for the education of police officers and their training.

General Directorate II covers all police issues, border control, civilian crisis management, disaster management, the criminal intelligence service (BK) as well as the agency for state protection and counter terrorism (BVT).

General Directorate III houses the office of the human rights advisor and is tasked with legal matters, asylum and residence policies as well as nationality issues. Another important field of work is the administrative co-ordination of federal elections.

General Directorate IV is responsible for ICT Infrastructure and ICT Security and eGovernment, its services and applications as well as all tasks regarding real estate management; it also houses the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK).


The BMI actively participates in two programs, KIRAS on national level and Horizon 2020 on European level. In 2015, the BMI participated in a total of 70 active projects across both programs (incl. the preceding program on European Level, FP7).


The BMI has installed a single point of contact for all security research activities in its department I/11 in the field of law enforcement. I/11 coordinates all security research activities the BMI and its law enforcement agencies, i.e. operational units, engage in. Embedded in an overall national network of Practitioners in the field of Security, the BMI seeks to lift subject national network to the European level with ILEAnet.


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