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Executive summary: The Winter School on Sustainable Mineral Exploration was jointly organized by two European projects—PACIFIC and INFACT. The event was held at the International Campus of Andalusia in Huelva, Spain, between the 9th and 12th March 2020. The Winter School was divided in 3 lecture sessions, 1 practical session, and 2 visits to mining sites. The main goal of this school was to present the techniques and knowledge on sustainable mineral exploration that have been developed within the INFACT and PACIFIC projects. The school targeted an audience of European master students, PhDs and post-doctoral researchers. A total of 40 students, including 15 from the University of Huelva, physically attended the school. An additional 13 students participated in parts of the school via video conference, since unfortunately due to travel restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic those 13 students were unable to attend in person. Videoconferencing was a last-minute adaptation made by the Winter School to allow for the participation of individuals under travel bans, quarantine, or other restrictions. Students (both physical and remote attendees) came from 13 countries. The results of the anonymous survey conducted at the end of the school reveal that the event was a success, despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

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