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Executive summary: One of the PACIFIC’s goals is to support the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials with its aim to translate its mission into concrete actions. To do so, PACIFIC will collaborate closely with the existing, recently finished or future H2020 projects funded under the same or similar topics.
This document includes a concrete plan for clustering with these projects, aiming to facilitate planning of joint online and physical events, sharing results and exchanging on the difficulties encountered.

The clustering plan is divided in three main sections:

  • Inventory of relevant H2020 projects:
    • List of the on-going, recently finished and future projects
    • Analysis of the identified projects’ objectives and planned results
    • Assessment of the potential similarities and/or synergies with PACIFIC
    • List of all the projects’ planned events and plan for possible joint events
    • Identification of the potential entry points and established contacts
  • Presentation of the common online space facilitating discussions and clustering
  • Action list

This clustering plan will be considered as a living document to be reviewed in each General Assembly meeting to monitor the progress made in its implementation and allow for regular updates to take into account the evolving European context and prioritisation.

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