D6.3: Recommendations for improved communication

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Executive summary: This report summarises recommendations for improved communications surrounding mining-related activities, based on an overview of existing communications through a behavioural science lens (Deliverable 6.1), and a computer-based behavioural experiment run in 2019 (Deliverable 6.2).
The work was undertaken by the Behavioural Research Unit of the Economic and Social Research Institute, a research group specialising in understanding how people process complex information and use it to make decisions. This is pertinent in the context of the PACIFIC project as people’s comprehension of mining-relating activities (and attitudes towards the same) relies on individuals processing complex information about risks and benefits from a range of sources.
The goal of this research is not to design communication tools that will best ensure that a company can secure a ‘social license to operate’. Rather, it is to inform best practice for communication strategies that promote understanding and empower stakeholders to make well-informed decisions, whatever the outcome may be. This is particularly important at a time where misinformation is becoming more widespread.
Herein we have made a suite of recommendations for improved communication about mining-related activities that may be utilised by a range of end-users (agencies, geological surveys, companies, etc.). For this project the research has primarily considered the general public as the target audience. That said, many of the findings presented have relevance to communications with otherstakeholders, such as shareholders, policy makers, and regulators.
As mentioned above, the recommendations are based off an overview of existing communication materials, as well as the results of a first behavioural experiment. This experiment had some unexpected findings, which will be investigated further in follow-up experiments in early 2021. The results of these may provide further insights that will be communicated in due course.

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