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Executive summary: Permitting of the seismic survey and the acquisition of data are the first steps in WP3, the pilot test of the passive reflection seismic technique in the Marathon deposit. The processing and development stages of the Work Package rely directly on the successful acquisition of ambient seismic noise data from the Marathon test site.
Between September 17th and October 26th of 2018, at the Marathon test site, a 1025 sensor passive seismic survey was completed. The sensors equipment was rented from SAExploration. 1024 sensors were successfully deployed; however, only 1019 were recovered. The loss of sensors was due to animal activity or being buried by a rock slide.
The grid design was composed of two overlapping grids, a 416-sensor array and a 609-sensor profile line. The array had a grid spacing of 150m, while the profile line had a grid spacing of 50m. Both grids designs were configured along the main noise source of Lake Superior in the direction of 250deg to the west.
The sensors selected for the survey were ZL and C1, vertical direction sensors with a 10hz range. Once the sensors were retrieved, they were shipped back to SAExploration for download. The data was successfully downloaded and shipped to Sisprobe for analysis.

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