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By Adeline PAUL
Thursday, December 3 2020 11:30
to Friday, December 4 2020 17:00

PACIFIC and INFACT co-organise an event with the Natural History Museum of London on 3 and 4 December. The virtual event is thought as a discussion platform where personalities with diverse backgrounds and views will debate how mining should be part of our society. Five sessions are planned to tackle the following questions:

  • Where can we find metals?
  • How to shape future mining?
  • Can mining be sage and sustainable?
  • Prospects for the circular economy?
  • Who decides?

Make sure you don’t miss the event and register now! https://www.can-mining-make-the-world-a-greener-place.com/registration



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PACIFIC's H2020 Mineral Exploration Clustering platform

PACIFIC's H2020 Mineral Exploration Clustering platform

A platform dedicated to clustering of projects in the field of mineral exploration funded by the EU H2020 programme