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TeaM Cables Kick-Off Meeting

By Adeline PAUL
TeaM Cables Kick-Off Meeting
Thursday, September 14 2017 13:00
to Friday, September 15 2017 14:00

TeaM Cables kick-off meeting will be hosted over two days in September 2017 by the Coordinator, EDF. It will be the opportunity to meet all partners and launch the project work.

The General Assembly (GA) meeting will start on Thursday 14th September at 13:00 with a common lunch and end on Friday 15th September at 14:00. There will then be an Executive Board (EB) meeting until 15:30 (only for Work Package leaders).

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Objectives of the meeting

  • Present the TeaM Cables technical objectives and work plan
  • Discuss technical issues and refine tasks for the first period of the project
  • Present the TeaM Cables organisation, project management, IPR, training and dissemination activities

Preparation of the meeting for all participants

  • Be familiar with the TeaM Cables Description of Action, in particular section 3.1/ WP descriptions
  • Identify any specific issues that need to be discussed within your WP or at project level

Agenda and logistic details

Please refer to the logistic pack provided (below the map).

EDF – Renardières
Avenue des Renardières, 77250 Écuelles, FrancePlan my route



  • Anonymous

    Le sigle d'Aix Marseille Université n'apparait pas dans la liste des partenaires


    - DUPUY

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