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Joint PIVOT – Mat4Rail – RUN2Rail – Fair Stations final event

By Herman Bertrand
Tuesday, September 17 2019
10:00 to 18:00

      PIVOT – Mat4Rail – RUN2Rail – Fair Stations

                                  Final Event

                                                           17 September 2019

                                                            Paris, France 



PIVOT, Mat4Rail, Run2Rail and Fair Stations, Shift2Rail Joint Technology Initiatives (“Innovation Programme 1: Cost-efficient and reliable trains, including high-capacity trains and high-speed trains” and “Innovation Programme 3: Cost-Efficient and Reliable High-Capacity Infrastructure”) funded projects will hold a joint final event in Paris, France.



The objective of the event is to present (presentations, posters and demos) the major achievements and highlights of the projects.



Presentations will be organised by TDs. Poster and demo sessions will be organised.


The meeting agenda is available for download in the FILES section below.



The meeting is public but for practical reasons, registration is mandatory.

To register, please click on the 'ATTENDING' button in the REGISTRATION section below.

Deadline for registration: 3 September 2019. Your attendance will be confirmed shortly


The event will be hosted at SNCF (“Campus Wilson”, 9 rue Jean Philippe Rameau, 93200 La Plaine Saint- Denis). A map of the area is available for download in the FILES section below.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PIVOT project office on pivot-arttic@eurtd.com

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