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Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining 2019

By Maeva Mériot
Tuesday, October 29 2019 00:00
to Thursday, October 31 2019 23:55

Technical programme timetable with speakers will be posted on this page in autumn 2019.

FEM 2019 Conference programme
Many mining and exploration events concentrate on mining technology and processing industry. The Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM), on the other hand, has from the very beginning focused mainly on exploration and mine development. Therefore FEM invites speakers from exploration and mining companies, research institutes, academia, authorities and geological surveys.

FEM 2019 programme planning starts in September 2018. All presentations are by invitation only (no open call for abstracts). Keynote speakers, pre-conference short courses and post-conference excursions will be announced in Febuary 2019. 

Official language
The official language of the conference is English.

Keep yourself updated with the latest developments!
FEM 2017 participants will receive the FEM updates. If you did not participate in FEM 2017 and wish to be on the mailing list, please send a message to riitta.muhojoki(at)lapinliitto.fi. 

FEM registration will be open in February 2019 on this page.

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PACIFIC's H2020 Mineral Exploration Clustering platform

PACIFIC's H2020 Mineral Exploration Clustering platform

A platform dedicated to clustering of projects in the field of mineral exploration funded by the EU H2020 programme

Contact Details

Ms. Riitta Muhojoki, FEM Project Manager

Regional Council of Lapland PO Box 8056, 96101 Rovaniemi,Finland; Tel. +358 40 711 8387; riitta.muhojoki(at)lapinliitto.fi