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ASTERIQS Kick-Off Meeting

By Nora Ouadi
Monday, October 15 2018 12:30
to Tuesday, October 16 2018 18:00

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Welcome on the registration page of the “ASTERIQS Kick-off meeting”

From Monday 15 October 12:30 to Tuesday 16 October, 17:30

Chimie ParisTech, PARIS


Photo ParisTech

Objectives of the meeting

  • Present the ASTERIQS technical objectives and work plan- Enable partners to quickly ramp up project activities and work well together
  • Discuss technical issues and agree on detailed WP roadmaps for the first period of the project
  • Present the ASTERIQS organisation, project management and the dissemination activities - Understand common rules, methods, tools and processes

Preparation of the meeting for all participants

  • Be familiar with the ASTERIQS Description of Action(DoA), in particular section 1.3.3 on WP descriptions
  • Identify any specific issues that need to be discussed within your WP or at project level
  • Prepare project and/or WP presentation prior to the meeting

Agenda and logistic details

Please download the agenda by clicking on the file underneath the map. It contains all the necessary logistic details to access the venue as well as a suggestion of hotels located nearby.

Chimie ParisTech
11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, FrancePlan my route


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