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    • Austrian Red Cross HQ - WP2 leader in DAREnet

      European Flood Protection Association

      Their task is to establish quality criteria designed to improve protection against instances of flooding and ensure that technical flood-protection systems and their installation are of a high standard. In this respect, they aim to recognise the quality of products and services with th...
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      • John Alexander

        John Alexander

        Aquobex is a consultancy and provider of specialist flood mitigation solutions for all flood types. Aquobex Technologies is a sister company specialising in multi-hazard next generation early warning
        Area(s) of expertise: Flood mitigation, flood protection systems, early warning, Modelling, forecasting, Multi-Stakeholder Situational Awareness System. Area of interest: Flood alert, Flood risk management, flood protection systems, Flood prevention, early warning, forecasting, Modelling