John Alexander

Last name: Alexander
First name: John
Title: Mr
Organisation: Aquobex
Brief description: Aquobex is a consultancy and provider of specialist flood mitigation solutions for all flood types. Aquobex Technologies is a sister company specialising in multi-hazard next generation early warning
Position: Managing Director
Region: Oxfordshire
City: Harwell Campus
Postal Code: OX11 0SG
Address: Unit 4 Genesis Building Library Avenue
Category of stakeholder

Aquobex and Aquobex Technologies are specialist consultants and practitioners in the field of flood risk management. The introduction of I-REACT into our portfolio of solutions (in Aquobex Technologies) enables us to offer a multi-hazard next generation early warning system for fire, flood, extreme weather and man-made disasters in a single platform.

Our flood mitigation solutions allow 1st responders, insurers, citizens and commercial organisation to better prepare for these natural hazards with longer preparation times and targeted deployments.

Other solutions include SUDS (sustainable urban drainage), NFM (natural floodplain management) using EGRP (Energy-passive Groundwater Replenishment Pump) which also allows us to offer solutions to the flood/drought cycles.
Our range of patented and state-of-the-art flood mitigation solutions allows us to address numerous flood scenarios at the property and community level using both flood exclusion and flood inclusion strategies

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