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  • SymCubator


    SymCubator is an open non-profit incubator for Innovation, Collaboration, Education and Solidarity (ICES) related undertakings (“Sym-“prefix comes from the Greek “together”), which progress Society and more generally Humanity.
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    • Jack The CoMeT

      Jack The CoMeT

      Area(s) of expertise: CMT, Photography, Wandering. Area of interest: CMT, Photography, Wandering, Journalism
    • How-to / Creation of a (sub-)group

      How-to / Creation of a (sub-)group

      Greetings everyone,   This (sub-)group is being created to explain to you how to create a group.      Best regards   JackTheCoMeT
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      • Jack The CoMeT

        How to invite someone and accept an invitation

        Hello and welcome to the CMT, You will find hereafter everything you should know to invite someone and manage the invitation process at group level. 1 – Invite someone: You need to be the group owner or group admin to invite someone in a group. In the group, top right corner, click In...
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        • Jack The CoMeT

          How to log in to the CMT ?

          https://youtu.be/3Jaf2xAvETI   Hello and welcome to the CMT, up above a video tutorial and down below everything you should need to log into the CMT.   1 – go to : https://cmt.sym.place/ 2 – In the top right corner, click Log in : You are already register, fill ...
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          • Jack The CoMeT

            How to manage / edit your profile

            Hello and welcome to the CMT, down below is everything you should need to edit and manage your profile.   (0 - You have to be connected to the CMT) 1 – In the top right corner click Account > Profile. 2 – On the left side click Edit Avatar. Browse > select the pi...
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