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  • PEN-CP innovation instruments and innovation events

    PEN-CP innovation instruments and innovation events

    PEN-CP is an active innovation network of European customs practitioners. The network publishes calls on open innovation instruments and events to fin...fame as a forward-thinking customs innovator Innovation awards and prizes: Share the...
  • VAFI Community

    VAFI Community

      The aim of the consortium is to ensure a strong innovation in the video investigation domain based on VICTORIA concepts during but also after the end of the project. VICTORIA is ini...
  • DAREnet public group

    DAREnet public group

    ...and broaden their Research, Development and Innovation related collaboration (=RDI)....rdisciplinary ecosystem to foster synergies, innovation and its uptake. One of the k...development, industrialisation and uptake of innovations of highest relevance for pra...
  • PEN-CP


    ...n short, PEN-CP can be described as ‘a Novel Customs Innovation Boosting Network and On-line Platform, offering Valuable Innovation Intermediary Services’. PEN-...ticulate common needs for customs security research, innovation and standardization. Acceler...
  • Innovations and Best-Practices

    Innovations and Best-Practices

    ...Base. Here you are invited to share your knowledge on innovations and "best-practices" regarding flooding events. Innovations might be any (not just techn...useful for others.    If you made experiences with innovations or "best-practices" introduc...
  • DAREnet Community

    DAREnet Community

    ...their Research, Development and Innovation related collaboration. DAREne...ecosystem to foster synergies, innovation and its uptake. The DAREnet...ying, assessing and programming innovation in the Danube region. This di...regularly updated Research and Innovation Roadmap highlighting promisin...
  • SA-IN-EU


    Handling the crises faced by modern societies often requires the coordination of multiple types of stakeholders from different countries. One of the key requirements to m...
  • SymCubator


    SymCubator is an open non-profit incubator for Innovation, Collaboration, Education and Solidarity (ICES) related undertakings (“Sym-“prefix comes from the Greek “together”), which progress Society and more generally Humanity.