At present I am using a lot of collaborative and sharing tools such as the CMT, SharePoint, Slack and Confluence plus Evernote etc. Most of these tools have some form of API or connections to other tools, some provide this via Zapier or IFTTT. Please can you let me know if there is an API layer available which can allow me to connect different apps together? It would increase my use of the CMT and also make general workflow much easier.


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  • Hi,

    Please can you let me know if it would be possible to set up a sandbox environment? It would be good to see how easy it is to access certain CMT features so I can sync it with tools like Evernote or Google Tasks etc.

    Also please check out and both offer links between different tools which I find very useful, as right now there are too many organisations using different tools. So I am trying to make Evernote (you can also use onenote) my activity hub regardless of corporate  platform.

    Lets help remove the tyranny of email :-)





  • Hi Thibaut,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes it would make life a lot easier as at present I am on many different "CMT" type platforms, and with some of the others it is possible to automate and connect summaries, task management and even emails. Which saves a lot of time. Also an API may encourage people to support the CMT more.

    Kind regards,



  • Dear Rod,


    This is not yet possible I would say. But a better integration of the CMT with other tools is something we will try to have in a near futur.

    We will check internaly how to implement this and come back to you with a roadmap.