Upgrade of the CMT

Dear CMT users,


The CMT has evolved to better answer your community management needs.


The following upgrades are now available for you :

  • Upgrade of the CMT look & feel

One of the main change done is the modification of the look and feel of the CMT with a lesser focus put on the CMT itself and more on the community identities.

  • Modification of the profile and Creation of a personnel dashboard.

The profile is now dedicated to the presentation of yourself, your interest, expertise, your work. You can set for all the fields present on your profile the visibility (public, private or only visible to CMT logged in users)

On the other hand the dashboard is dedicated to your use of the CMT: event invitations, groups involvement, news, favourites, … , and is therefore private.


A complete description of the different changes will follow.


The CMT team


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