Raab Flood 4cast project


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Raab Flood 4cast project
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Flood events at both, the Austrian and the Hungarian part of the catchment area of the Raab, cause flooding and, consequently, result in a risk to life and infrastructure. Therefore, it is in the interest of the organizations which are responsible for flood control and disaster management, to inform in case of floods as early as possible, how the expected flooding is going to develop – to plan an efficiently disaster response, even across borders.

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The overall objective of the project is to reduce the risks of flooding in the catchment area of the Raab significantly by expected flooding in their spatial extent and temporal course are displayed in a to developing warning tool. The core outputs of the project are on the one hand the updated flood forecast model Raab, on the other hand the to be developed warning tool for displaying the expected flooding areas and the necessary precipitation and flooding scenarios catalogs on the Austrian side and the 1D-2D online models on the Hungarian side. There is a huge benefit from these developments on the one hand, for the operator of the forecast models, on the other hand, for the organizations of the flood and disaster management and the affected population of flood.

The common approach of the project is to provide dynamic information for the organizations responsible for flood and disaster prevention. With such dynamic information it may predicted, which floods are expected. This information makes it possible to carry out the action planning across borders. This project makes it possible to not only provide flow forecasts at defined water bodies, but also in addition the expected flooding areas.

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Project is finalised, outcomes to be shared with the public soon.

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Tactical level commander (silver)
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