New-style river regulation as an issue of national security.


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Important information for about new river regulation possibilities.

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Protection against fl oods along the Tisza, Danube and their major tributaries have become an issue of state
security signifi cance since nearly 2.5 million lives are aff ected. The fl oods of 1999 and 2000 on the Tisza and
the 2013 fl ood on the Danube demonstrated that the 150-year-old system was corrected at the expense of
outstanding fi nancial investment and human eff ort although it is clear that the fl ood-protection structures
built observing contemporary prescriptions are not able to provide the necessary protection. With the rising
fl ood levels and other reasons (including climate change, tectonic movements, changes in river mechanism
and others), their protection potential will be further reduced in the future. The warning signs are gett ing
more and more frequent. Since 1864 there have been almost 30 disastrous fl oods on the Tisza alone. Over the
past quarter of a century there happened ten high fl oods, during which the fl ood-control system could not
ensure the safe conveyance of fl ood waves. The changes on the Danube were also very remarkable in spite of
the major water engineering interventions along the Hungarian section of the river.

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