Cross-Border Voluntary Network for Disaster Prevention (Hungary-Slovakia)


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Academic periodical journal publication.
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This article supports DAREnet cross border network activities.

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Košice (Slovakia) and Miskolc (Hungary) are connected not only by historical, social and cultural roots, but also
by common threats (river Hernád, industrial vulnerability, transport of dangerous goods). The European Union's
cooperation environment promotes the achievement of interregional goals. The elimination of the border line
and the creation of processes and legislation to promote regional territorial cooperation have resulted in a more
favorable project environment, and cross-border cooperation between authorities and public administrations at
regional and local level has developed rapidly. Practical experience with prevention and similar financial terms
and dissemination opportunities is ready to implement cross-border networking and to present results in policy.
Creating a cross-border voluntary network supporting disaster prevention and ensuring its sustainable operation
cannot be achieved without scientific research, analysis of events, existing infrastructures and needs without a
methodological background based on the evaluation of processed information. This article examines areas that
present the current environment of the network that it generates, thus indicating the circumstances and
sustainability of its operation.

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The article helps practitioners in the area of cross border civil protection network development.

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1: Concept, Stage

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Opinion leaders (influencers)
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Plébán, J Kristóf, and István Endrődi. 2018. “Cross-Border Voluntary Network for Disaster Prevention (Hungary-Slovakia).” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS 8 (5): 1–11. doi:10.9790/9622-0805030111.

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