Flood hazard in Hungary: a re-assessment


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National flood control review (in academic periodical journal publication)
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The analysis presents national flood protection.

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Some decades ago the concept of flood hazard in the Carpathian Basin was interpreted solely as riverine flood
hazard, mostly restricted to the Tisza and Danube Rivers, and was closely associated with the impacts of river
flow regulation in the second half of the 19th century. Recent assessments, however, allow us to outline a
more diverse picture. Climate change is predicted to bring about both an increase in the frequency of droughts
and excessive rainfall events, resulting in irregulaties in the water regimes of rivers in Hungary. Excess water
hazard from raised groundwater levels is found to affect much larger areas than previously thought. Recent
strongly localized cloudbursts, point to the increasing significance of flash floods.Riverine flooding and excess
water hazard are more common in lowlands, whereas flash flood hazards are primarily, but not exclusively,
affect the mountainous and hilly regions of the country. This paper intends to assess the relative importance of
the three types of inundation hazard analyzed and to illustrate their overall spatial occurrences by microregions
on a map series.

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Usefully basic information of national flood control in Hungary

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Risk Assesment
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CM Stakeholders
CM Stakeholders :
Strategic level commander (gold)
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Additional details

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Department of Environmental Geography and Landscape Conservation,
Institute of Environmental Sciences,
University of Pécs,

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24 June 2010;

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