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Solution Name :
ANYWHERE project
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Solution Type :


Mission Statement  :

Solution offered by project ANYWHERE provide complex forecasting tool for different types of events, plus impact forecasting of these events.

Description :

Briefly, this solution is able to display not only weather forecast on the map, but also many other different inputs from different systems. It is possible to filter the inputs based on need. Map include also number of different information which are importnat for decision making. System is also able to predict next course of the event (for example how the level of water in case of flood will go) and show it on the map.

Motivation :

Main advantage is user friendliness of the solution. End-user can easily switch on/off what content he prefers to see on the map/display (physical points as well as type of real/forecasted data). Added value is also forecast of impacts (what will happen in next minutes/hours).

Readiness  :

Solution have been tested in 7 prototypes and is ready to be deployed. More in enclosed file.

Crisis Management Cycle Phase  :
Scope :
Key Target Group :
CM Stakeholders
CM Stakeholders :
Tactical level commander (silver)
Crisis Size  :


Technique  :

More in enclosed file

Application :

More in enclosed file

Integration  :

Partially. System is integrated with general databases and systems. System is ready to integrate local ones.

Additional details

Resources  :

this have to be discussed, generally own sources are expected, but not only

Know-How  :

during preparation phase some IT expertise will be needed, but supplier is ready to help. Details have to be discussed.

Investment  :

this have to be discussed,


Company :

Consortium of ANYWHERE project:
One of the consortium partner: Milan Kalas

Status :
Date / Period of Time :

October/November 2019

Language :


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