E-PreS: Monitoring and Evaluation of Natural Hazard Preparedness at School Environment


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Monitoring system for usage during evacuation and other drills
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This is a technology which aims to improve the quality of the CP drills, including drills held togŠµther with the public society

Description :

E-PreS project (Monitoring and Evaluation of Natural Hazard Preparedness at School Environment) is thus addressed to the prevention phase against natural hazards. The main goal of E-PreS is the design and evaluation of drills and exercises that are an extremely important part of emergencies mitigation. It helps school staff and students to understand any hazard effect and be prepared to react appropriately
This system consists smart tools which define, simulate and evaluate all hazards emergency steps and be customized to the unique district, school, and campus. a holistic methodology for the real-time evaluation of prevention measures involving different categories of actors, districts, steps and metrics. By providing a clear architecture, precisely defining the roles of actors and a common multi-language portal and in-field dynamic assessment module, EPreS allows newcomers to add new steps during a drill or training where the necessary spatial and sensor information is available. This drastically facilitates value-addition to the knowledge extraction about the outcome of a drill and shortens the time to do so. The proposed project have impact in terms of:
Facilitating the drill preparations and checklist for developing an evacuation plan by determining whatsteps need to be taken and in what order. The aforementioned involves the insertion of the pre-defined evacuation guidelines that should be followed upon a hazard event occurrence, e.g., the residents of room X should move through the corridor K, proceed to gate L and use the external emergency stairway to the ground floor. Each plan is adaptable to the unique district and user requirements.
Testing the total emergency response plan as a "simulated" exercise. When the drill is kick-started, the system monitors the exact location of human subjects and keeps detailed logs on the training activity.
Increasing the effectiveness and functioning of prevention plan. A supervisor should be able to specify a priori the metrics and the baseline figures for a successful exercise (e.g., the human flux through gate A should never reach the number of X person/min, the time from room Y to mustering station W should be less than C min). After the performance of the drill the recorded activity is assessed against the adopted metrics/figures. The output of this activity is a total degree for the fulfilment of the drill objectives.

Motivation :

The evacuation drills are very important especially in a school environment. This technology provides an opportunity to develop a scenario based approach in order to check out different crisis situations in real time. Also the system sends a feedback about all the results and parameteres of the drill.

Readiness  :

During the project implementation the system was tested and piloted in a few european countries. Probably it is in stage 3, because I don't information for further development after the end of the project

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Solution provider
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Technique  :

A specialy developed software and also a RFID based communication technology

Application :

Evacuation and other drills in buildings

Integration  :

It is not

Additional details

Resources  :

A source of electricity (mobile also), software, Rfid wristler, sensors.

Know-How  :

Softaware and communication experts

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