TENEVIA River Board system for measuring and monitoring waterways


Solution Name :
TENEVIA River Board
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Mission Statement  :

Providing environmental data in order to offer new tools for the environmental monitoring (gather data before and during flood events).

Description :

The aim of this solution is not just to help predict immediate threats of flooding, but also to gather data over longer periods in order to assist planners in making risk-sensitive decisions, as well as provide an accurate situational pricture of events. Solution measures the water height and surface flow speed using images.
Algorithms process the image and allow overflowing water levels to be detected automatically. This allows us to corroborate the digital information with the visual information the image provides. The system is especially effective when floods occur, because it continues to deliver verifiable information during unusual events.

Motivation :

Common hydrometry, observation and measurement tools use underwater flow sensors which can be challenging because of how quickly floods can arise. In case of France where this solution originates, during big floods, underwater sensors were washed away leaving flood prevention services that needed to asses the situation without necessary data. TENEVIA is a solution of measuring and observing floods regardless of the flow conditions. Also, single technique provided by this tool, can replace at once several sensors, observation systems and hydro systems analysis available today on the market.

Readiness  :

The monitoring system has market growth and it is used in nearly two dozen locations, most in France but also in Germany with tendency to be used accros Europe
TENEVIA signed a partnership agreement with ESRI to propose a real Hydrology Information system integrating all the innovative solutions developed by TENEVIA in the ESRI tools, notably ArcGIS Online.

Crisis Management Cycle Phase  :
Scope :
Key Target Group :
Other Stakeholders
Other Stakeholders :
Policy makers
Crisis Size  :


Technique  :

- Remote monitoring
- Network cameras
- Measuring and image analysis monitoring Devices
- artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision (image analysis) and numerical modelling
- business software
- sensors
- simulators
- on-line services

Application :

Used for local communities (Community-based DRR) and on national level.

Integration  :

Additional details

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