Data Protection and Privacy Policy in SA-IN-EU & SAYSO

Data Protection and Privacy Policy in SA-IN-EU & SAYSO

Data Protection and Privacy Policy


SAYSO is a non-profit research project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 740872.

SA-IN-EU is a network and community of stakeholders interested in Situational Awareness that was initiated by the SAYSO project. It has no legal registration as such and only serves as a "brand' for the community and network of civil protection practitioners, suppliers of situational awareness systems and tools (industrials and SMEs) and public procurement authorities that the project SAYSO aims to set up and take part in. Participation to SA-IN-EU is purely on a voluntary basis. When SAYSO ends in April 2019, SA-IN-EU will be managed and moderated as an online peers community by a Governance Body whose members have not yet been appointed.

Some pages of the SAYSO / SA-IN-EU Community Platform ( contains links to the SAYSO Public Website ( and SAYSO Twitter page ( In the future, it may contain links to other websites. SAYSO and SA-IN-EU are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of third party websites.

Why do we collect data, how is the data collected and where is the data stored?

1/ For general information / mailing purposes:

SAYSO and SA-IN-EU aim to establish a network and community of civil protection practitioners, suppliers of situational awareness systems and tools (industrials and SMEs) and public procurement authorities involved in the procurement of situational awareness systems and tools.

To populate this contact list, SAYSO project partners have been providing a list of contacts who may be interested in SAYSO since the beginning of the project on 1st May 2017. SAYSO partners are:

  • German Federal Agency for Technical Relief - THW (DE)
  • ISCC GmbH (AUT)
  • CNet Svenska AB (SE)
  • Luxembourg Institute Of Science And Technology - LIST (LU)
  • European Organisation For Security SCRL - EOS (BE)
  • Stockholms Universitet (SE)
  • Deutsches Institut Für Normung e.V. - DIN (DE)
  • Institut der Feuerwehr NRW (DE)
  • Universität Paderborn (DE)
  • Department of Health (UK)

The contact list has been incremented with:

  • names of persons or organisations who have been recommended to us by external contacts,
  • names of persons or organisations who have found out about or expressed an interest in SAYSO without being contacted,
  • names of contact persons for organisations or unions publicly published on the Internet.

A contact list of 369 persons or organisations was drawn as of 24/05/2018 and is stored on the SAYSO secured and private collaborative platform (only shared among SAYSO project partners).

The people and organisations whose details have been included in the list of contacts of SAYSO & SA-IN-EU may receive information such as:

  • Publication of SAYSO results,
  • SAYSO or SA-IN-EU newsletters,
  • Upcoming SAYSO events (workshops, conferences, publications, etc.),
  • Invitations to join the SA-IN-EU Online Platform,
  • Link to surveys/questionnaires (see section 2 below).

2/ For our statistics collection:

SAYSO aims to prepare the development of innovative Situational Awareness Systems that will improve the coordination of civil protection operations. To achieve representative results, SAYSO needs to identify what is missing in the daily working life of civil protection practitioners. To collect statistical information from stakeholders, surveys are performed via the use of:

  • Web-based surveys/questionnaires: the link is sent by email and published on social media;
  • Paper questionnaires: completed by the participants of SAYSO public or technical workshops.

The information collected is compiled for statistical purposes only. The statistics (and reports including those statistics) produced are shared publicly on the SAYSO or SA-IN-EU sites and social media. Only the type of organisation (not the name) is included in the published results, the rest of the data remaining completely anonymous.

The data collection is centralised by the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief - THW, SAYSO project coordinator.

3/ In the frame of the EC framework programme Horizon 2020 projects:

SAYSO occasionally collects personal data in required documents such as (non-exhaustive list):

  • Attendance lists to SAYSO meetings,
  • Minutes of meetings,
  • Reports (a.k.a "deliverables") to the EC, listing the name of contributors,
  • Publications (with pre-approval sought),
  • Etc.

In such cases, only minimal information is collected (usually, name, first name and organisation name). Such information is stored on the SAYSO secured and private collaborative platform.

What sort of data is collected?

1/ For general information / mailing purposes:

SAYSO holds a common contact list that includes the following details (when provided or available):

  • Name and first name,
  • Position,
  • Organisation's name,
  • Email address,
  • Professional postal address,
  • Professional telephone number,
  • Organisation's website.

2/ For our statistics collection:

SAYSO requires information from emergency responders across Europe on their daily work in the frame of civil protection operations through questionnaires distributed electronically. The information is collected only if recipients agree to participate to the questionnaire/survey.

The personal information collected in these questionnaires is:

  • Name (optional),
  • Position (optional),
  • Organisation name (optional),
  • Type of organisation (compulsory),
  • Country (compulsory),
  • Email address (optional).

Other information is collected such as:

  • Equipment, systems and tools used in their daily operations,
  • Opinions on, for example, what is missing in their daily work or what should be improved (note: These opinions reflect the practitioners' own view).

To whom is the data disclosed

The data collected in the frame of the Horizon 2020 SAYSO project is shared only among its partners for review and update. Although communication to external contacts is centralised in the hands of the project coordinator, THW, and the dissemination manager, ARTTIC, other SAYSO partners may use part of the contact list for SAYSO-related communication only (such as the organisation of events or meetings, technical survey, etc.).

SAYSO does not disclose personal data to anyone external to the project.

SA-IN-EU / SAYSO Online Community Platform ( is public. Information or documents uploaded or disclosed on the platform are therefore considered public. SAYSO or SA-IN-EU cannot be judged liable for the disclosure by a third party of sensitive content on the SA-IN-EU / SAYSO Online Community Platform.

For how long will the data be stored


  • The duration of the SAYSO project is two years, until 30 April 2019.
  • The SA-IN-EU (Situational Awareness Innovation Network Europe) is a network and community initiated by SAYSO but which will continue to live beyond SAYSO's end. There is no foreseen end date.

Storage duration:

The personal data collected will stop being processed by the SAYSO project when it ends on 30/04/2019. It is not yet foreseen that the Governance Body of SA-IN-EU, not yet formed, will take over the management of the SA-IN-EU contacts. More details and formal communication will be released then.

In the case of the data collected during SAYSO surveys, all collected data will either be deleted or anonymised when the project ends. Anonymised data might be kept for an unlimited period of time.

As required in the frame of Research and Innovation projects' contracts signed with the European commission, partners may be audited up to 5 years after the project ends. Some documents and information, such as attendance lists and minutes of meetings, or information used for reports contractually due to the EC, will therefore be kept by partners for this duration of 5 years.

Right to the access of data by the public

Please contact to request:

  • access to your personal data;
  • deletion of your personal data.
Data Protection and Privacy Policy in SA-IN-EU & SAYSO

Data Protection and Privacy Policy in SA-IN-EU & SAYSO

Data privacy policy applicable to SAYSO & SA-IN-EU


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