DAREnet Rsearch and Innovation Roadmap

The DAREnet Research and Innovation Roadmap is filtering most promising opportunities with respect to flood resilience and response, assessing them from different perspectives and provides a first selection of recommended innovation opportunities.

The Roadmap contains the main findings and outputs from the first DAREnet roadmapping cycle, addressing the fields of

  • Civil Protection Training
  • Civil Protection Methods, Procedures and Technology
  • Spontaneous Volunteers
  • Resilience of Citizens
  • Communication and
  • General Data Management.

For each topic, three to four innovation opportunities were selected and elaborated further regarding type of innovation opportunity as well as regional relevance, budget efforts, time constrains, usability and risks, as well as the stakeholder groups are envisioned to address the opportunities.

This document represents the first edition of the DAREnet Research and Innovation Roadmap. Over the course of the DAREnet project there will be 3 following editions publishing innovation opportunities which are expected to improve flood resilience in a sustainable way.

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DAREnet Community

DAREnet Community

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