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CS2-ENGINE : Mid-year review

CS2-ENGINE : Mid-year review
Tuesday, November 13 2018 09:30
to Wednesday, November 14 2018 16:30

Mid-year Review at the CSJU

Av. de la Toison d'Or, 56

B-1060 Brussels

Meeting Room

Common meeting room 1, 1st floor

Templates and welcome Pack

You will find on SharePoint the template, agenda and welcome pack


Joint dinner

A joint dinner will be organised on the 13th at : AU StekerLaPatte


Where ?

Rue des prêtres, 4

1000 Brussels



Each participant will pay for his own diner - 39.00€, drink included

3 choices are proposed for each course:


  • Orval cheese "fondue"
  • Mussels au gratin
  • Homemade terrine (Game)

Main dishes :

  • Tomato sauce meatballs
  • Belgian beef and beer stew
  • Hot goat cheese salad


  • Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and warm molten chocolate
  • Speculoos mousse
  • Brussels waffles


  • 1/4 red wine
  • 2 beers of the month or beer tap


Please register by Friday 3 November


Avenue de la Toison d'Or 56, 1060 Bruxelles, BelgiumPlan my route




  • Anonymous

    Dear Colleagues,

    I will participate at the first day of the Intermediate Review only.

    Best regards


    - Nicke, Eberhard

  • Anonymous

    Please register me for the dinner.

    - Gerhard Kahl

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CS2 - ENGINE: Review organisation

CS2 - ENGINE: Review organisation

Group dedicated to review meetings of CS2 ENGINE ITD.

Contact Details

Karin Rosenits

rosenits@arttic.eu; Tel: +49 (0)89 248 83 03 42