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RISK-HUNT3R online Kick-off meeting

By Elisabeth Graf
Tuesday, June 15 2021 12:00
to Wednesday, June 16 2021 18:05


RISK-HUNT3R Kick-off meeting 

15+16 June 2021 - ONLINE

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Welcome to the registration website of the RISK-HUNT3R online Kick-off meeting.

Please read this page carefully: it contains important explanations regarding the scheduled networking sessions and registration requirements.

We look very much forward to welcome you to this event and to officially launch a fruitful collaboration within the RISK-HUNT3R project on this occasion.





  • Tue,  15 June 2021: 12:00-18:35pm CEST
  • Wed, 16 June 2021: 13:00-18:05pm CEST




  • Representatives from all 37 project partners: all relevant persons involved.
  • European Commission
  • JRC
  • Members of the Scientific & Regulatory Advisory Board (SRAB)
  • Invited speakers: Carl Westmoreland (UNILEVER) George Kass (EFSA)




  1. Become fully knowledgeable of the RISK-HUNT3R project, its objectives and expected impact.
  2. Get a clear overview of the work contribution of each partner.
  3. Get acquainted with the colleagues from the other RISK-HUNT3R partner organisations.




In line with the meeting objectives, the programme of this first consortium meeting is structured as follows:

  • Setting the stage: Introduction to the project & NGRA from an industry and regulatory perspective (Objective 1)
    • The project will be briefly presented by the Project Coordinator, Bob van de Water (UL).
    • The two invited speakers (see above) will present the needs for NGRA from their respective perspective.
  • WP specific breakout sessions (Objective 1+2)
    • These sessions will be organised in 3 sets of 3 parallel sessions each.
    • Please make sure that your organisation will be represented in all WP breakout sessions your organisation contributes to, to make sure the whole team of your organisation gets a clear overview and understanding of the expected work contribution.
  • WP presentations in front of the plenary (Objective 1+2)
    • These presentations will allow all partners to get a clearer understanding of the work within each WP, as well as of relevant links and interactions with other WPs.
  • Networking sessions (Objective 3)
    • A total of 3 networking sessions of 15' each will be organised during the meeting: 1 session one Day-1, and 2 sessions on Day-2.
    • For each networking session, several networking rooms will be created in parallel and meeting participants will be assigned to the rooms to meet in small groups with around 8-10 other participants in order to briefly introduce her-/himself to each other.
    • If you are not sure what exactly to share with the other attendees in your room, below some ideas from us:
      • What are you proud of in your work (research activities, career highlights, previous EU projects relevant for your RISK-HUNT3R activities, or else)?
      • What are you proud of in your person (qualities, hobbies, family, etc.)?

The meeting programme can be downloaded in PDF format from the FILES section further down.




The platform used for this meeting is ZOOM.

IMPORTANT: For the best possible user experience, allowing to fully benefit from all ZOOM features (particularly important for the breakout sessions), attendees need the latest version of ZOOM; - PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Connection details (URL link) & user guidelines will be provided by e-mail to all registered participants; so please make sure to complete the registration form (full details below).

The meeting will take place in various rooms:

  • Plenary room:
    • Default room for plenary sessions, accessible via the link which will be provided to the registered participants.
  • Breakout rooms for the WP parallel sessions on Day-1:
    • These rooms will be clearly identified with the WP n° and visible for all participants on the ZOOM interface (menu bar). 
    • Attendees of the WP breakout sessions will be able to enter the relevant WP rooms by simply clicking on the appropriate WP room n°.
  • Breakout rooms for the networking sessions on Day-1 and Day-2:
    • Attendees will be automatically assigned to the networking rooms (assignment will be done by the meeting organisers).
    • We will do our best to mix groups as to make sure that completely new partners (not involved in EU-ToxRisk) get the chance to connect with colleagues who already know each other.
    • To allow for a successful mix of the groups, it is absolutely important for us that all participants complete the registration form (please see below).




Registration is mandatory, as we do need to know how many people and who exactly will attend the networking sessions + the WP breakout sessions.

Registration shall be done via the registration form, accessible in the REGISTRATION section at the bottom of this page (REGISTER TO THIS EVENT button).

When opening the registration form, please make sure to complete all fields:

  • Full name
  • E-mail
  • Organisation
  • IMPORTANT: Group you belong to (RISK-HUNT3R + EU-ToxRisk / RISK-HUNT3R only / SRAB member)
  • IMPORTANT: The networking and WP breakout sessions you will attend on Day-1 and Day-2.

Deadline for registration: Tue, 08 June 2021 (last chance)



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 964537.


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