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EU-ToxRisk virtual Open Symposium 2021

By Elisabeth Graf
Tuesday, February 23 2021 13:00
to Wednesday, February 24 2021 18:30

EU-ToxRisk LogoEU-ToxRisk Virtual Open Symposium

        23-24 February 2021

Welcome to the registration page of the EU-ToxRisk online Open Symposium 2021, taking place on Tue 23 + Wed 24 February 2021.



  • Critical assessment of general and specific learnings of the EU-ToxRisk project and its resulting key deliverable, the Advisory document on NAM-enhanced read-across, including feedback and endorsements from the Regulatory Advisory Board, the OECD IATA Case Studies Project, and international regulatory toxicologists, as well as outlining of remaining challenges (Session 1).
  • Presentation of novel running case studies with new challenging regulatory and scientific questions, such as testing of chemicals with little or no observed adverse effects, with multi-target organ toxicity, which undergo metabolism, or with the need for ab-initio risk assessment (Sessions 2+3).
  • Outlook towards future validation approaches and application of NAMs for risk assessment in new frameworks, projects, and partnerships, including a platform to jump-start new efforts in next-generation risk assessment (Sessions 4+5).



The programme of the Open Symposium is divided into a total of 5 public sessions, followed by 1 closed session, which is restricted to EU-ToxRisk members, RAB, SAB. The sessions will cover two afternoons: 

DAY-1, Tue 23 Feb 2021 (13:00 - 17:30pm CET)

  • Session 1 (public): Release of the EU-ToxRisk Advisory Document on NAM-enhanced read-across
  • Session 2 (public): Round-2 case studies – New challenges for NAM-based risk assessment

DAY-2, Wed 24 Feb 2021 (13:00 - 17:30pm CET)

  • Session 3 (public): Next-generation risk assessment by new-generation scientists (speed talks)
  • Session 4 (public): Validation strategies for NAMs
  • Session 5 (public): EU-ToxRisk sustainability
  • Closed session: Feedback from the EU-ToxRisk SAB + RAB to the consortium

Documents supporting the event programme (available for download in the "FILES" section further down):

  • Detailed event agenda
  • Booklet presenting the speed talks and their respective abstracts (Session 3/DAY-2)

For more information on the EU-ToxRisk project Case Studies, please visit the Case Study section on our public project website, here.



The Open Symposium is organised as an online event: 

  • ZOOM - Main meeting room: 
    • The main meeting room, where all presentations and live discussions will take place, will be ZOOM.
    • While listening to the presentations, please make sure to mute your microphone and to turn off your camera, to save band-width.
    • To ask questions during the presentations, please use the "CHAT" function, to avoid interrupting the speakers. Your questions will then be picked up in the Q&A slot at the end of the concerned session.
    • The ZOOM connection details will be provided to the registered participants by e-mail.
  • Slack channel:
    • In parallel to ZOOM, a Slack channel will be available for questions and discussions throughout the meeting.
    • Like ZOOM, Slack allows you to send in your questions for the Q&A slots of the different sessions.
    • In addition to the questions you might want to ask, Slack is also the perfect place to launch/participate in discussions on the various meeting topics.
    • The SLACK connection details will be provided to the registered participants by e-mail.
  • Contact form for burning questions:
    • If you wish to send in any burning questions already ahead of the meeting, please use this form, where you can choose the recipient of your questions: (1) EU-ToxRisk consortium; (2) EU-ToxRisk Regulatory Advisory Board (RAB).
    • These questions will also be addressed in the Q&A slots, as appropriate.



>> Registration is closed; the max number of attendees has been reached. Thank you for your understanding. <<



If you have any questions regarding this event, or issues with registration, please contact the Project Office.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N° 681002.





Date: 2021-02-23
 13:00 - 14:20Session 1: Release of the EU-ToxRisk Advisory Document on NAM-enhanced read-across
Key features of the Advisory Document on how to effectively apply NAM-enhanced read-across for risk assessment, as developed by the consortium and its stakeholders. - Chair: Sylvia Escher (ITEM)
 14:40 - 17:30Session 2: Round-2 case studies – new challenges for NAM-based risk assessment
Presentation of the results from a new set of EU-ToxRisk case studies. These new studies address relevant regulatory and scientific questions of broad impact, including: testing of chemicals with little or no observed adverse effects; testing of chemicals inducing multi-target organ toxicity; testing of metabolism-activated toxicants; exploring ab initio testing strategies. - Chair: Bob van de Water (UL)

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EU-ToxRisk Project Office

EU-ToxRisk Project Office: eu-toxrisk-arttic@eurtd.com