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VICTORIA Virtual Final Conference

VICTORIA Virtual Final Conference
Monday, November 16 2020 09:30
to Wednesday, November 18 2020 12:30

VICTORIA Virtual Final Conference: Improving Video Analysis for a Safer Europe

16-17-18 November 2020

Celebrating 3 years of intensive research and development to improve video analytic tools and accelerate the investigations conducted by Law Enforcement Agencies on crimes and terrorist acts.


The three-day Virtual Final Conference will be an opportunity for the VICTORIA consortium to present to expected 150-200 officials, LEAs and Developers the project’s outputs after three years of intensive research and development. Conference highlight will be the live demonstration of the VICTORIA open and flexible Video Analysis Platform (VAP), with LEA representatives sharing insights into their experiences while working with the tool during the field trials at their premises. The Conference agenda will also include an overview of related security projects and of VICTORIA legacy - as the “Video Analysis for Investigation” (VAFI) community – and a session reflecting on Video Analysis from the perspective of the EU Regulatory Framework.


A demo session of the Video Analysis Platform (VAP) is planned on day 1 (16 November) from 14h30 to 16h00. Registrations to this session is compulsory.


Please, note that due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID pandemic, this event will be conducted virtually.


An initial agenda can be found in attachment. Day 1 (16 November) will start at 10.00 am with the European Commission keynote and finish on day 3 (18 November) at 12.40pm. The connection information to the online platform where the VICTORIA Final Conference will be hosted will be circulated soon. 




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  • Anonymous

    I'd like to attend Victoria's final conference. I'm a project manager in European project in the French Ministry of Interior.

    - Eloïse Chassaing

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