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Co2oling the Earth ONLINE School : Focus on Bio-CCU

Tuesday, September 29 2020 09:00
to Thursday, October 1 2020 17:00

  REGISTRATION RE-OPENED. Due COVID-19 converted into an online school

The BIO-CCU ONLINE School is a continuation of the Co2oling the Earth Training Events series of the European CCU research and user community, organised by the BIOCON-CO2 consortium. Online host is the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). It is an open and multidisciplinary event inviting all CCUS stakeholders to share knowledge and learn from each other.


1. Call for abstracts for the Co2oling the Earth Online School poster session, new deadline 4 September 2020 (find out more here)


Topics addressed by the summer school:

  • CO2 separation and capture technologies
  • Chemical CO2 conversion
  • Biological CO2 conversion
  • Genetic engineering for CO2 conversion applications
  • Electrochemical & electrobiocatalytic CCU applications
  • CO2 sequestration
  • CCS and CCU industrialisation prospects, challenges and possible synergies
  • Environmental and legislative aspects towards the circular economy
  • CCUS Research projects knowledge sharing sessions
3 DAY ONLINE EVENT. Link will be circulated to all registered persons in due course.
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full, 22 people on the waiting list
Attendance to event free of charge.
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