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2nd RDI Topic WG Workshop

By Balazs Kern
Tuesday, September 24 2019 11:00
to Wednesday, September 25 2019 15:00

DAREnet has kicked off its second roadmapping cycle. This cycle is dedicated to the topic of practitioner training. We have organised a workshop to discuss with you the needs and innovation potentials with respect to training in different domains of disaster management and flood resilience.

The overall objectives of the workshop will be:

  • a general discussion/ interpretation of the results of the questionnaire (contribution still possible at https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/2ndDAREnetCycle)
  • a deeper insight into main gaps/ requirements/ innovations for specific tasks (coupled to the scenario)
  • a rating of impact of identified gaps/ requirements/ innovations for specific tasks
  • a discussion of country-/ organisation-specific differences, standards, etc.

More information on DAREnet: darenetproject.eu


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