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DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum

By Balazs Kern
DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum
Friday, March 1 2019
08:30 to 16:00

Many areas along the Danube flow are exposed to high flood risks, as illustrated by the seven major damaging floods, which occurred in the Danube River Basin between 2002 and 2014. For the future, it is expected that the general flood risk for the Danube region will continue to increase as a result of climate change. Moreover, the number of people and economic assets affected will rise. Practitioners will have to adapt fast to this increasing risk as well as keeping pace with an ever faster changing society (e. g. aging population, urbanisation). In this context, research, development and innovation (RDI) become key-drivers for improving performance and effectiveness of flood response across borders and disciplines, and thereby creating new possibilities to deepen and enhance flood response cooperation throughout the entire region. 

To address these needs, DAREnet aims at enabling flood management practitioners in the Danube River Region to identify and analyse by and for themselves relevant innovation gaps and translate the gaps into a joint innovation strategy to improve flood resilience in the future. This joint innovation strategy is laid down in the DAREnet Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap (RDI Roadmap).

The DAREnet RDI Roadmap is the result of an iterative process of identifying, assessing and prioritising potential innovations as well as mapping important RDI requirements and gaps. Emerging from a broad practitioner/expert dialogue and the regular consultation of competent national disaster management authorities, the Roadmap provides a well-balanced RDI strategy and programme, reflecting both the needs on the ground and national RDI policies.

DAREnet kindly invites all practitioners active in the field of flood management and response to the first edition of the DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum.

At the Forum, DAREnet will

  • present the first version of the RDI Roadmap
  • invite Practitioners to develop their own innovation initiatives inspired by the RDI Roadmap
  • provide a unique opportunity for Practitioners to meet, exchange and network.


The attendance to the DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum is free of charge.

If you need accommodation, Hotel Hungaria City Center offers special negotiated superior room rates for the participants of the DAREnet Annual Forum at https://www.danubiushotels.com/en/artt140119.


We are looking forward to meeting you in Budapest!

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