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SAYSO 2nd Public Workshop

SAYSO 2nd Public Workshop
Tuesday, December 4 2018
09:00 to 17:00

The second SAYSO Public Workshop will take place on 4th December 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

This one-day event will take place at the VBO-FEB centre in central Brussels. Its aim is to:

  • Present the results of the SAYSO collection of EU practitioners' requirements: Find out what systems, tools and functionalities EU practitioners need or want!
  • Obtain feedback on the SAYSO specifications of Situational Awareness tools matching the actual needs of civil protection practitioners and emergency responders.
  • Demonstrate how public authorities, suppliers of innovative solutions and practitioners can benefit from EU-funded Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP): SAYSO will present ways to procure at an affordable price tailor-made innovative solutions matching practitioners' needs. PCPs include the funding of the research and development needed to bring solutions to maturity. You will also find out about the tools and guidelines that SAYSO will deliver to support public authorities and suppliers alike.

This workshop will also allow you to network with EU practitioners and suppliers as well as experts in the field of standardisation.

Registration is free and open to all interested parties.


Benefits of attending the SAYSO workshop:

  • For practitioners: Meet with suppliers of innovative technologies and learn about how SAYSO and the EU can help your organisation procure solutions matching your needs.
  • For suppliers of situational awareness tools:
    • Provide feedback on the specifications that SAYSO will recommend for future EU-funded procurement actions.
    • Demonstrate your technology solutions to a relevant audience.
    • Network with practitioners and potential new industrial partners.
    • Learn how to join our Online Registry of Suppliers and learn about our future Open Call Platform.
  • For public procurement authorities:
    • Learn about new procurement instruments (PCP/PPI)
    • Establish connections with suppliers interested in getting involved in the development of innovative solutions for civil protection or emergency response, and with EU practitioners willing to share their own experience.

Should you have any questions on the event, please contact sayso_arttic@eurtd.com.

The SAYSO workshop will take place the day the EU-sponsored Security Research Event (SRE 2018). Find out more on https://www.sre2018.eu/.

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This event is free and open to all interested parties
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