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C-BORD Final Public Workshop

By C-BORD arttic
C-BORD Final Public Workshop
Tuesday, October 9 2018
08:30 to 22:00

About C-BORD

Container security is an important factor in overall EU border security. Intelligence together with scanning narrow down on suspicious consignments, but when the current detection technology has reached its limits, physical examination of the cargo is required. If no threat is found, this examination is regarded as a delay and a burden for legitimate trade. Today, Customs primarily uses X-ray interrogation preceded by risk-selection to counter smuggling in large volume freight.

C-BORD is a 42-month research project which finishes in November 2018. This project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme under DG Migration and Home Affairs. Prototypes for enhanced X-ray imaging and passive radiation detection have been developed and tested, as well as prototypes for new technologies not yet available on the market today for large-volume cargo inspection: Evaporation Based Detection, Tagged Neutron Inspection and Photo-fission. C-BORD seeks to demonstrate that the advanced technologies used in combination can provide more complete information to the customs analyst and improve non-intrusive inspection to stop the trafficking of dangerous or illegal goods which could harm citizens, while facilitating the flow of legitimate commercial cargo across borders. Researchers working with Customs and industry assess the added value of combining technologies, thus exploiting their complementary strengths, with data visualisation in a single user interface.

Aim of the Final Public Workshop

This exciting event represents the culmination of three and a half years of research, development and testing by the C-BORD Consortium of partners. The Public Workshop is mainly addressed to security technology researchers, industry, policy makers, and practitioners in customs and border control. The aim is to increase project visibility, disseminate results, engage with stakeholders and attract potential end users, thus deepening the understanding of project results and benefits and encouraging the uptake of results and future collaborations.


  • Keynote speakers situate the research in the larger security and operational context
  • Achievements with the first and second line inspection devices developed
  • Field test findings from Customs practitioners in Hungary, Poland and The Netherlands for the Mobile and Rapidly Relocatable Checkpoints and Fully Automated Seaport use cases
  • Data display for analyst decision, generic inspection workflow and simulation model
  • Standards & policy recommendations: next steps towards commercialisation
  • Exhibition of equipment, videos, and scientific posters
  • Networking dinner with informal panel discussions on Workshop topics


The programme is available for download in the FILES section below.


For logistical reasons, registration to the Workshop is mandatory and the number of participants is limited. Attendees will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
To register, please log in to the CMT platform (log-in button at top right of page), then click the REGISTER TO EVENT button in the REGISTRATION section below. (The button is not active unless user is logged in.)

Deadline for registration: Monday 1st October 2018


The Workshop, catering (lunch and coffee breaks), and official dinner are free of charge for attendees. 
Travel and accommodation are to be paid by the attendees.


The C-BORD Final Public Workshop will be held in Rotterdam city centre at the:

Postillion Convention Centre WTC

Beursplein 37

3011 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands


Participants are responsible for their own accommodation. There are several hotels within walking distance of the Postillion Convention Centre WTC. For your convenience, a hotel room reservation platform has been set up for this event, listing available rooms in several nearby hotels: https://www.smartbyreservations.nl/Eventguest/Register?ID=JZ$$79xWbKWfaI=&key=1


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers at cbord-arttic@eurtd.com.

Postillion Convention Centre WTC
Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam, NetherlandsPlan my route


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