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      The Innovative, Non-invasive and Fully Acceptable Exploration Technologies (INFACT) project is an H2020 funded initative coordinated by HIF-HZDR and focusing on Sustainable Mineral Exploration in Europe.

       INFACT project works on innovative exploration techniques that are non-invasive: airborne geophysics and remote sensing mainly. The INFACT project also investigates the social aspects of raw materials exploration by integrating technological innovation with stakeholder engagement (encompassing local communities, wider society and industry) in order to encourage best-practice exploration conduct, measure public perception and improve relevance to industry and society alike.

      The specific objectives of this project are:
      • demonstrate that innovative and non-invasive exploration technologies allow a sustainable and acceptable exploration and, at the same time increase its performance.Leading exploration companies steers the design of a suite of state-of-the-art surveys to be undertaken at each of the sites that will form highly credible reference benchmarks in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness and relevance.
      • increase societal acceptance by integrating(1)procedures intended to increase the reliability, performance, acceptance and quality(“bestpractice”) in regions where exploration activities are frequent and extensive and(2)specific requirements of European local communities. Representatives of civil society, EU States, research, technology development, services and exploration & mining companies will be work together to improve the current public and industry perceptions of the exploration and mining industry, its practices and the operational conditions the industry experiences.
      • establish long term facilities(inthe south, centre and north of the EU) at sites that represent a range of“real-life”social, physical and technical challenges where the efficiency of non invasive and environmentally friendly technologies can be evaluated, benchmarked and certified. New innovative and socially acceptable technologies will be trialed at the sites and their performances in resolving the geology will be compared with the performances of the state-of-the art reference techniques.
      These objectives will culminate in the certification of“Europeanbest practices” for exploration.In order to attain these objectives we have gathered key players in the mining industry, in non-invasive exploration technologies, and organisations representing the local communities and their interests in terms of sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial activities. Leading academic partners will assess the sustainability and acceptance of the technologies. 
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