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    • Amrita Choudhary

      2nd SUN-to-LIQUID project fact sheet now available

      This project fact sheet is issued at the end of month 30 of the reporting period. It provides information such as brief summary of the project, its scope, technical description and implementation, results achieved and impacts. To read more about the project updates click here.
      Tags: Factsheet, SUN-to-LIQUID, Impact, solar-thermochemical synthesis, Decarbonising, Transport, Societal challenges, Hydrogen, redox cycle, Innovation, high-flux solar concentrating subsystem, gas-to-liquid conversion subsystem, syngas, Móstoles, multi-heliostat system, Reticulated Porous Ceramic
      • Amrita Choudhary

        Quick start guide for the SUN-to-LIQUID TTSEP

        The Community Management Tool (CMT) is a platform developed by ARTTIC to facilitate communication and information exchange between the members of SUN-to-LIQUID Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Exchange (TTSEP) platform. This guide walks you through the steps to access the CMT and to use its ke...
        Tags: Community Management Tool, Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Exchange platform, SUN-to-LIQUID