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    • Leila

      Comment on "INFACT"

      ...ics and remote sensing mainly. The INFACT project also investigates the social aspects of raw materials exploration by integrating technological innovation with stakeholder engagement (...
      • Anna Yenokyan

        Comment on "HyFlexFuel Final Project Workshop"

        Dear Natasa, Please try again, the link in the registration section on this page should work. If there is any technical issue, please contact me directly per email at yenokyan@arttic-innovationn.de  Regards, Anna






        • Amrita Choudhary

          2nd SUN-to-LIQUID project fact sheet now available

          This project fact sheet is issued at the end of month 30 of the reporting period. It provides information such as brief summary of the project, its scope, technical description and implementation, results achieved and impacts. To read more about the project updates click here.
          Tags: Factsheet, SUN-to-LIQUID, Impact, solar-thermochemical synthesis, Decarbonising, Transport, Societal challenges, Hydrogen, redox cycle, Innovation, high-flux solar concentrating subsystem, gas-to-liquid conversion subsystem, syngas, Móstoles, multi-heliostat system, Reticulated Porous Ceramic
          • Thibault Duvillier

            GCIA-2021 : Global Customs Innovation Award on Data Quality

            ...over the world to share their innovations for tackling problems linked...win the trophy Global Customs Innovation Award (GCIA-2021). GCIA-20...p; The PEN-CP Global Customs Innovation Award (GCIA-2021) invites cus...ontest for the Global Customs Innovation Award welcomes actions and id...



          • SymCubator


            SymCubator is an open non-profit incubator for Innovation, Collaboration, Education and Solidarity (ICES) related undertakings (“Sym-“prefix comes from the Greek “together”), which progress Society and more generally Humanity.
            Tags: SymTools, sym, SymVentures, CMT, Innovation, Collaboration, Education, Solidarity, ICES
          • DAREnet Community

            DAREnet Community

              The DAREnet mission DAREnet is to support flood management practitioners across the EU Danube River region and from different disciplines to deepen and broaden their Research, Development and Innovation related collaboration. DAREnet will build a multi-disciplinary community of practitioners,...
            Tags: DAREnet, Flood Management, Responders, Practitioners, Networking, Innovation, assessment, dialogue, Collaboration, Research