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    • Lyudmila Zaitseva

      BRIDGE Project Field Test, St. Gilgen, Austria, 9 September 2014 (English subtitles)

      This video shows a field test conducted as part of the BRIDGE Alpine ValEDation Days, the first in the...lunteers acted as victims in this hypothetical scenario that had been pre-tested in August 2014. For more in...
      Tags: Video, BRIDGE project, UAVs, Situational awareness, Expert System, Decisions support systems, Mobile ad-hoc networks, Field test
      • Carlos Julio Trindade

        FLAMEWORK 2020

        ...out various fire-related areas and test their capabilities outside of...edge and techniques are put to the test. The Mafra 2020 Operational T...nar. 3rd day - May 5th - Tuesday: Field session - planning, organize...t; 4th day - May 6th - Wednesday: Field session - Implementation of...