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    • Lyudmila Zaitseva

      BRIDGE Project Promotion Video

      BRIDGE is a collaborative project co-funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme. BRIDGE will build a system to support interoperability -...social -- in large-scale emergency management. The system will serve as a bridge betwee...
      Tags: Video, BRIDGE project, Interoperability, Situational awareness, Mobile ad-hoc networks, UAVs, Expert System, Decisions support systems
      • Lyudmila Zaitseva

        BRIDGE Project Field Test, St. Gilgen, Austria, 9 September 2014 (English subtitles)

        This video shows a field test conducted as part of the BRIDGE Alpine ValEDation Days,...ire service of St. Gilgen/Löschzug Winkl and the local police. Two BRIDGE systems – Advanced Situation A...
        Tags: Video, BRIDGE project, UAVs, Situational awareness, Expert System, Decisions support systems, Mobile ad-hoc networks, Field test
        • Carlos Julio Trindade

          FLAMEWORK 2020

          ...t to the test. The Mafra 2020 Operational Training will bring together expert technicians from all around t...ms, safety protocols, communications protocols, prescribed fire control system, ignition techniques and fire...