11 results for "Crisis Management"


    • Lex Vroling

      Lex Vroling

      Area of interest: crisis management, training and exercise, scenario design
      • Andreas Herndler

        Andreas Herndler

        On the one hand Deputy Fire Chief and Teamleader for international interventions as well as Head of Operational Headquarter of the Fire Services Association of Lower Austria, and on the other hand Head of Austrian Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell of Civil Aviation Authority of Austria.
        • Ivana Cesarec

          Ivana Cesarec

          Area(s) of expertise: crisis management, Critical infrastructure protection, Civil protection
          • Andrzej Adamczyk

            Andrzej Adamczyk

            Area(s) of expertise: crisis management, software development, software engineering
            • Marcel van Berlo

              Marcel van Berlo

              Organization for Applied Scientific Research
              Area(s) of expertise: Resilience, Human factors, crisis management, Innovation, training and exercise, Business development, project coordination
              • Adam Widera

                Adam Widera

                Area(s) of expertise: humanitarian logistics, Humanitarian disaster relief, Humanitarians, crisis management, disaster management, Design, Technology
                • Michał Rosół

                  Michał Rosół

                  WZKiPOP GSP KGP
                  Category of stakeholder: crisis management, Crisis exercice, Defence, national security. Area(s) of expertise: crisis management, Defence, national security. Area of interest: crisis management, Defence, national security
                  • Tomasz Zwęgliński

                    Tomasz Zwęgliński

                    Area of interest: disaster management, disaster response, Disaster risk management, CBRNe, crisis management, crisis management training, Crisis exercice, Humanitarian disaster relief
                    • Georgios Eftychidis

                      Georgios Eftychidis

                      Area(s) of expertise: Natural Hazards, Crisis Management
                      • Michael Löscher

                        Michael Löscher

                        Senior Consultant @ ARTTIC
                        Area of interest: Crisis Management, Resilience, Security Research, CBRNe, Disaster Risk Reduction